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Cadence launched Allegra X AI, which aims to accelerate the PCB design process, which can shorten the turnover time by more than 10 times

Kai Deng Electronics (Cadence) today announced the launch of Cadence® Allegro® X AI TECHNOLOGY, which is the new -generation system design technology of Cadence, which has achieved revolutionary improvement in performance and automation. This new AI product relies on the Allegra X Design Platform platform, which can significantly save PCB design time. Compared with manual design circuit boards, it is possible Time to a few minutes.

Traditionally, the layout wiring in PCB design has always been a time -consuming manual process that will affect the product listing speed. Allegro X AI technology uses cloud scalability to realize physical design automation. While providing PCB -generated design, it can also ensure that the design is accurate in electrical and can be used for manufacturing. This new technology can automatically execute device placement, metal plating, and key network wiring, and integrates fast signal integrity and power integrity analysis function. Using generative AI function, customers can simplify their system design process and shorten the PCB design week to more than 10 times.

Allegro X al.png

Allegra X AI technology has the following advantages:

● Improve productivity: Using the scalable architecture, the use of cloud computing infrastructure to achieve automatic layout wiring, thereby greatly shortening the design turnover time.

● Better quality: Use the automatic layout function of the generation formula, which can perform feasibility analysis in the early stages of design. Beyond the manual method, explore more solutions, and further optimize various indicators, such as to abide by the design constraints while shortening the line length.

● Efficient design convergence: The Allegro X platform is closely integrated with system analysis technology. Users can optimize the designed electrical performance and thermal performance.

"Cadence is committed to providing systematic design solutions that integrate artificial intelligence and cloud technology to ensure the fastest turnover time," said Michael Jackson, vice president of R & D company R & D. "The newly launched Allegro X AI technology has consolidated Cadence's PCB design. The leading position of technology has brought about the influence of reform. It helps customers improve productivity through artificial intelligence -driven automation, enhanced engine performance, and integration with Cadence system design and analysis of product portfolios. "

The newly launched Allegro X AI technology supports Cadence's Intelligent System Design ™ strategy to help customers accelerate system innovation.

Customer Reviews:

"Allegro X AI technology has shortened the layout from a few days to a few minutes. At the same time, it takes into account the impact of signal integrity and power integrity. The AI technology can also provide a new layout plan. This technology greatly shortens the design of design. Fundamentally changes our way of PCB design. "

--- Allan nargaard, CID, VELUX PCB Design Department

"In Schneider Electric, the turnover time and the quality of the final product are essential to business success. With the help of Cadence's Allegra X AI technology, we can significantly shorten the development cycle. Hardware designers can evaluate density and complexity and adjust electrical design , Ensure the design quickly and efficiently, and improve productivity. "

--- Jean-Christophe Dejean, Schneider PLM Process and Management Vice President

"Designer's work efficiency is very important for Kioxia's business. Our team is working closely with Cadence, using Allegro X AI technology to realize the automatic layout wiring of IC packaging and PCB reference design, which greatly shortens the design turnover time."

--- Chiaki Takubo, Kioxia Corporation packaging and testing technology head technology director




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